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Microsemi Successfully Completes Acquisition of Symmetricom

As a result of the acquisition, Microsemi now offers the industry's largest and most complete timing product offering. From the core of the network to the edge, Microsemi now delivers the source, synchronization and distribution of end-to-end timing solutions.

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SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock

An unmatched combination of breakthroughs — in reduced size, weight and power consumption — brings the accuracy and stability of atomic clocks to portable applications.

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Precise Synchronization for Electrical Utilities - The PTP Power Profile

This document lists the requirements for accurate time in Power Systems.

Symmetricom Is Now Microsemi

With the acquisition of Symmetricom®, Microsemi Corporation is the world's leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions. We serve communications, enterprise IT, power utilities, financial services, aerospace, defense, and national labs. In collaboration with international standards groups, we help set the world's timekeeping standards.

For more information on Microsemi Corporation, visit: www.microsemi.com